The vision of the Centre is to bring systems engineering and innovation to civil infrastructure. Our ongoing research focuses on systems engineering and innovation in complex infrastructure projects, and in design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) in the delivery supply-chain. It includes work on system integration, systems design and optimisation for DfMA; visualization of complex engineering projects and delivering for value across the infrastructure life-cycle.


This research recognizes that the construction sector is changing substantially, and seeks to develop the new tools and approaches; and the evidence base needed to support the UK construction sector in this transition. Our approach to research has three strands. First, we scientifically examine existing practices of design coordination to develop new knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of systems engineering and innovation in built infrastructure; and the trajectories of change to an advanced manufacturing industry.

Second, we bring that learning back into the laboratory to develop novel tools and approaches from a systems perspective, using a range of modelling, simulation and data analysis techniques.

Third, we see ourselves as part of an ‘open innovation’ ecosystem working across traditional boundaries to rapidly address issues and to solve the fundamental engineering problems that arise in major infrastructure projects, and in the delivery supply-chain in novel ways.

Researchers in the Centre benefits from its location in a strong department and faculty of engineering. The Centre has an active research community, with links to related research across the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in other departments and centres, such as the Dyson School of Engineering; Data Science Institute; Energy Futures Lab; Centre for Process Systems Engineering; Adaptive Emergent Systems Engineering; Imperial College Business School and the Royal College of Art.