Graduate School pic

The Graduate School is for all Master's and Doctoral students at Imperial College London. It plays a key role in enriching the postgraduate student experience.

The Graduate School has several roles:

  • to ensure the quality of provision of postgraduate education
  • to provide a forum for students from across the College to meet at lectures and social events
  • to provide a professional skills development programme to help you develop those skills that will make you a more productive and successful researcher and also prepare you for your career, whether in or out of academia
  • to enhance support for research students and help improve the research environment through cohort building

The Graduate School runs a wide range of free, interactive workshops on topics designed to help you successfully complete your postgraduate studies, and prepare you for your future career. These include courses on writing skills, presentation skills, computing, effective research, career planning and teaching. 

It also runs a series of events such as the annual summer research symposium and 3-minute Thesis competition, as well as more informal social events, which bring students from all different departments together to encourage the sharing of ideas.

Regular newsletters and bulletins, as well as an online postgraduate noticeboard, mean you can easily keep up-to-date with everything on offer.