Move-out day 2019

Make sure you're prepared for move-out day with our guide and checklist.

Move-out day for halls residents is Thursday 27 June 2019.  

As was outlined during the induction process, the move-out day for College halls residents is on a Thursday this year due to the prior scheduling of the Great Exhibition Road Festival.

Being on a weekday may bring additional logistical considerations, so we want to ensure you're prepared for what to expect.

You should begin to make preparations around move-out day as soon as possible. Particularly if you are being picked up by parents - or if you have plans to fly home - it's important to make preparations. To help this, we've outlined a checklist of things to prepare for and a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Checklist and FAQs

Are You Ready? Checklist

As you prepare for move-out day, you should ensure that all of these steps are taken care of:

  • If you're being picked up on the day by parents, family or friends, make sure they know it's a weekday and that they may need to take a day away from work.
  • If you're flying home, make sure you book this with plenty of notice. Flight prices can change depending on what day of the week it is you're flying - make sure you book early to save money!
  • If you need to stay beyond Thursday 27 June, you will need to make plans for this very soon. Whilst you can't extend your stay in your current Halls, you may be able to book a place at the Imperial Student Summer Accommodation or with a private provider. These are provided on a first-come-first-served basis so, again, make sure you're arranging this early. 
  • If you are moving into Student Summer Accommodation, you should be able to do so on Thursday 27 June. You will need to plan for how to transport your luggage to your new location on the day. 
  • Check-out time is 10am on Thursday 27 June. If you're being picked up later than this, you need to plan for your luggage. Unfortunately, we don't have the facilities to securely store your luggage - you are welcome, however, to wait with your luggage in one of the common areas or receptions.
  • If you are moving into private housing immediately, make sure your landlord or letting agent is aware of your exact arrangements with plenty of notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is move-out day on a Thursday this year?

Due to the Great Exhibition Road Festival, move-out day is on a Thursday for this year, as was outlined in your initial Halls license. We want to provide you with as much information as possible to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Can I stay in my room for a few extra hours?

Unfortunately not. You have to be checked-out by 10am on Thursday 27 June. If you’re waiting for pickup or transportation, you can wait with your luggage in the common rooms, entrance areas or reception.

Is there a secure luggage facility?

We don’t have anywhere that can be used as a luggage store, so you won’t be able to leave your luggage unattended.

Will parking be available on move-out day?

Whilst there will be no onsite parking available, look out for local departure arrangements that will be advertised around your hall nearer to the time. If you’re being picked up, remember that whoever is picking you up may need to take a day off work - warn them early!

Can I stay an extra night?

If you need accommodation beyond 27 June, you may be able to book Summer Accommodation for as long as you need via the Student Hub. These are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. 

What if my term dates end on 28 June?

When you signed up to your Halls license, it was made clear that it ended on Thursday 27 June. This is also reflected in your Summer Term Accommodation invoice. Unfortunately, we're not able to provide rooms outside of these dates. If you need to stay on for any additional nights, you can book a room via the Student Summer Accommodation or via a private provider.

What if I’ve already booked a room at Summer Accommodation?

You’ll also be checking-in on 27 June for Summer Accommodation -  you’ll just need to transfer to your summer Hall on the day. They will be able to look after your luggage before the 4pm check-in time. Do contact the Student Hub for more details.

Can I return to my room once I depart prior to 27 June?

Once you have left your room and returned your key you will no longer have access to your room.

Will I receive any further information about the check-out procedure for 27th June?

Yes, you will receive a departure information letter at the beginning of June which explain depositing keys, waste, cleaning, inventories and anything else you need.