Name: Jia Hui Teo

Supervisors: Dr Luc J. Vandeperre and Prof Eduardo Saiz

Sponsor: DSO National Laboratories      

         Ceramics have been used in armour systems since the Vietnam War in the 1970s and till today the community has not fully understood the mechanisms by which ceramics interact with the projectile to successfully defeat the threat. Ceramics are hard which makes them ideal for armour but their brittleness and weakness in tension is detrimental to performance. It is generally understood that impedance mismatches are bad for any armour systems as they are points of reflection, generating tensile stress waves which should be avoided. The aim of this PhD project is to investigate an alternative projectile-defeating mechanism achieved by controlling wave reflection in the ceramic. This can be achieved by introducing many interfaces with small impedance mismatches like that in a ceramic matrix composite. The hypothesis is that if the large tensile wave reflection at the rear end of the ceramic can be eliminated, failure of the ceramic can be delayed. This delay will allow for more time for projectile erosion which would help improve the ballistic performance of the ceramic.