We will build strong relationships with our alumni and friends

This lifelong exchange of ideas and support benefits all of us.

Imperial’s 170,000 alumni comprise a powerful global network. We count as friends many more people who share a common interest in our mission and support our work. Our alumni and friends are advocates for the College, role models for our students, employers of our graduates, and sources of support and inspiration for our academic work. We have a substantial opportunity to create a more vibrant and engaged community of alumni and friends which is motivated to contribute to and participate in Imperial’s continuing success.

In action

Actions in detail

  • We will create a programme of services, activities and communications for our alumni and friends tailored to their experiences and interests.
  • We will revitalise our relationship with our alumni and friends and seek their support in delivering our academic mission and building Imperial’s global reputation.

Case study

Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong

Alumni With deep and strong links to Imperial, the Imperial College Alumni Association of Hong Kong is a powerful example of the benefits of mutual engagement.

Since 1982 the Association has organised a packed programme of activities for alumni living in Hong Kong, including departure drinks, guest speakers and social activities. It has hosted travelling Imperial academics and professional staff, including high-profile visits from College leadership.

The group also forges connections with Imperial’s Chinese and Hong Kong student communities through its flagship student mentoring scheme. The scheme allows students to continue their education beyond the core curriculum. Current students stood alongside the group at the 2015 Alumni Weekend, marking the first time an international alumni association had been represented at this annual event.

Peter Choy, Chairman of the Association in 2014-2015, affirms its role in strengthening Imperial’s international reputation and alumni community. “We aim to build a better and stronger network between alumni, students and university representatives, and we’re proud to be part of the Imperial community”, he says.

Imperial Incubator

A visiting alumnus discusses start-up technology being developed in the Imperial Incubator

Froth flotation

A researcher discusses his work on flotation technology with an alumnus at the annual Donor Thank You event

Alumni and business leaders in Kolkata

The Imperial College Alumni Association of India hosts an event for alumni and business leaders in Kolkata

Imperial Festival

An alumnus attending the Alumni Weekend meets a current student at the Imperial Festival