Frequently asked questions

How do people find theses in Spiral?

You can search for Imperial theses via Library Search or browsing the PhD collections on Spiral, Imperial’s repository

Can I restrict access to my thesis?

Yes. Under certain circumstances you can request an embargo on your thesis.

How does the Freedom of Information Act affect access to my thesis?

Can I include articles, images, quotations, maps, etc.?

Can I include papers and figures I have already published?

Can I publish extracts from my thesis as a paper?

What format should my thesis be in?

Your thesis should be submitted in PDF format and all fonts used must be embedded within the PDF file.

See Creating your PDF/A for instructions for your operating system.

How do I get help?

For help with submission and regulations

For help with plagiarism, referencing and copyright ASK the Library

For help with intellectual property Research Office

What can someone else do with my thesis once it is on Spiral?

Your thesis is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licence.

What are these licences?
Know your Rights is a handy tool which outlines what each licence gives you as a creator and the end user.

Other people can copy, distribute and transmit your thesis, see the Spiral use licence

Can I change the licence I’ve assigned to my thesis?

You can change your mind about which Creative Commons licence you have assigned to your thesis if you have not yet uploaded it to Spiral. You must make sure the copyright statement at the front of your thesis matches the licence you choose.

Once you have uploaded the final version of your thesis to Spiral the licence cannot be changed.

Should I sign the statement of originality?

The College does not require you to sign the statement of originality and recommends that you do not include a signature in your thesis as it will publicly available on the internet and may be used fraudulently by others.