Based at St Mary's, this team handles grants for the following: 

  • School of Public Health: Infectious Disease Epidemiology – WPIA; MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling – WPMA; Imperial Clinical Trials Unit – WPCA; Primary Care & Public Health – WPPA; Genomics of Common Disease – WPGA; Neuroepidemiology and Ageing Research Unit – WPAA; School Administration – WPZA.
  • NHLI (Respiratory): Airway Disease – WHRC, WHRD, WHRS, WHRT; Respiratory Infection – WHRR; Allergy & Clinical Immunology – WHRA; Molecular Genetics & Genomics – WHRG; Leukocyte Biology – WHRL; Population Genetics & Gene Therapy – WHRP; Central Administration – WHZZ.

The team

The Grants Manager is responsible for the overall management of research grants and applications and for implementation of cross-faculty and cross-departmental procedures.

The Senior Grants Administrator is responsible for grant applications (please ensure prior discussion with the relevant Departmental Administrator), and queries regarding staffing and approving staff changes on research grants.

The Grants Administrator is responsible for post-award administration, including budgets, invoicing and funder financial reports.

PhotoContact details
Victor Abah Victor Abah
Grants Manager
020 7594 3859;
Blank Image Anna Pavlitski
Senior Grants Administrator
020 7594 3864;
Ayse Ozyukselen Ayse Ozyukselen
Senior Grants Administrator
020 7594 3860;
Jeni Scarlett Jeni Scarlett
Grants Administrator
020 7594 3861;
 Blank Image

Ewa Azizali
Grants Administrator
020 7594 3865;

Blank Image

Danielle L Lowther
Grants Administrator

Blank Image

Elleni Silkin
Apprentice Grants Administrator

Based at St Mary's Hospital
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