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Only submit (by checking the 'Submit' box and clicking Save) when you are satisfied that you have correctly and fully completed the SharePoint form.

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Having decided that your proposed project is appropriate for the EERP process please complete the SharePoint application form by clicking on the 'Apply now' button on this page. This form may be saved partially completed so that you may think about your answers and carefully compose your responses to show that you have considered the ethical issues and have addressed them appropriately.

The application will be easier and the process quicker if the application form is completed with reference to the Application help (PDF) and A guide for applicants (PDF) which will help you understand what is required in each section of the form and guide you towards good practice and a straightforward application.

The Application help (PDF) provides information on how to edit, save and submit your application form.

There is also a Word version of the application form (Application form for drafting purposes only (Word)) which may be useful in the draft stage to plan your answers and discuss them with supervisors or co-applicants (this form cannot be uploaded to SharePoint - your application must be manually entered into the SharePoint form).

  • SharePoint application form (best viewed on a PC or laptop using Internet Explorer - click 'return to classic Sharepoint' once logged in for best functionality)

Once submitted, you should expect to receive a decision after 10 working days. If resubmission is required, we will return a decision on your amended form within a further 10 working days.