a This page contains upcoming developments within research management reporting.

Strategic Research Dashboard Revamp
The Research Office is revamping the Strategic Research Dashboard to create a more intuitive portal with all relevant reports in one place. This will include the latest subject area additions as well as easier searching functionality.
Collaborator / Expert Identifier Using public data, a means to identify which academics across the UK have received the most public funding associated with a specific term or keyword to assist academics in finding potential collaborators is being developed. Details of their publicly funded awards, including abstracts, would be available to determine if the academic is appropriate. Feedback on if this would be a useful tool and which staff groups would most benefit from this would be greatly appreciated: ro.managementinfo@imperial.ac.uk
Spend reports in BIEE We are investigating the feasibility of producing regular spend reports (as per Report2Web) using BI Publisher. This would allow greater ease in customising reports and could reduce costs.
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