Specific systems training is delivered to Research Services staff by the Research Office on demand. The current training in research systems and processes which is available to administrative and academic staff in departments and divisions is summarised below:

The Research Office works with other College areas to ensure that training in research administration systems and processes is accessible to relevant staff in Research Services and academic departments.

Long term objectives

The long term objectives of this training provision are to:

  • Develop the knowledge base, skills and expertise of staff involved in research administration, thereby raising standards, improving operational efficiency and increasing credibility with funders
  • Support staff in the acquisition of operational skills and increase their knowledge base
  • Promote a holistic approach to the development of training content which covers practical skills (systems and processes); the context in which policies and processes exist; and raises awareness of issues that may arise, i.e. 'how', 'why', 'what if'
  • Integrate and complement the training with existing training initiatives across College to improve the quality and cohesion of research support training provision, and to enhance professional and personal development of staff

The success of the training provision depends on the Research Office and Faculties working in partnership to identify needs and gaps in local knowledge. If you would like to comment on the existing training provision and/or wish to contribute ideas about future training, please contact  Cindy Lai.