ICL-GIST International R&D Centre LogoThe first GIST-Imperial International Workshop on Plastic Electronics was held in GIST (Gwangju Institute for Science and Technology), South Korea, on 14-15 December 2015. During this workshop, the GIST-ICL International R&D Centre for Plastic Electronics was established, and the Memorandum of Understanding for the Centre was signed by the Director of GIST's Research Institute for Solar & Sustainable Energies (Prof Kwang Hee Lee) and the Director of Imperial College’s Centre for Plastic Electronics (Prof James Durrant). The GIST-ICL R&D Centre aims to develop social problem-solving and sustainable ‘Plastic Electronics’.

Institution-Level Memorandum of Understanding

James Stirling and Seung Hyeon Moon sign GIST-Imperial MoUIn March 2016, an institution-level MoU between GIST and Imperial College London was signed by GIST President, Prof Seung Hyeon Moon, and Imperial's Provost, Prof James Stirling, at a ceremony in South Kensington. The GIST delegation was led by Prof Seung Hyeon Moon, President, and Professor Do-Kyeong Ko, Chancellor and Dean of GIST College.  During the visit, they met with Professor Alice Gast, President of Imperial College London, took a tour of the Imperial Incubator facility for spin out companies. Speaking at the event, Prof Stirling said:  “It is a great honour to celebrate this major milestone in the relationship between our two great institutions.” Commenting on the collaboration, Prof Seung Hyeon Moon said: “Plastic electronics will be key to the next generation of semi-conductors.” 


GIST is one of the top universities in South Korea, and is ranked 2nd in the world by number of citations per professor [QS World University Rankings]. RISE, based at GIST, is one of the world's leading institutes for research into future renewable energy technologies. The Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Energies (RISE) was founded in January 2009 for the purpose of promoting national and local strategic industries through the development of core source technology for next-generation energy.

Collaborative Research

GIST and CPE academics at launch of ICL-GIST international R&D centre for plastic electronicsThe International R&D Centre continues to develop: the CPE is proud to have hosted three GIST researchers in the groups of Prof James Durrant (Chemistry), Prof Ji-Seon Kim (Physics) and Prof Martin Heeney (Chemsitry). Prof Paul Stavrinou (now at Oxford University) and Dr Martyn McLachlan (Materials) have also been instrumental in developing the partnership with GIST. The visiting researchers have been key to initiating new collaborations between students and researchers at Imperial College and groups in GIST.  PhD students and postdocs in the departments of Chemistry, Physics and Materials at Imperial College have already been closely involved in collaborative research with the visitors.

Several joint funding proposals have successfully been submitted to Korean and UK funding agencies. CPE academics and other researchers at Imperial who are interested in joining the GIST-ICL International R&D Centre should contact Prof Ji-Seon Kim.