BrittonAdvanced Nuclear Engineering MSc Director, Dr Ben Britton (far left), celebrating the achievements of his 2016/17 students

Our highly respected MSc in Advanced Nuclear Engineering reflects Imperial College's distinguished contribution to nuclear research and teaching, dating back to the 1950s.

The course will equip aspirant nuclear engineers and policy experts with the skills and understanding to satisfy the demands of the nuclear sector. You will learn about all major aspects of the nuclear industry: from the design and build of nuclear power stations, their operation and maintenance and through to decommissioning and final waste disposal.

Underpinned by solid technical knowledge, at the end you will be able to discuss confidentally the role of nuclear power in the wider global energy landscape and kick-start your career supporting the global development of the nuclear industry.

The core and supplementary modules are taught by research leaders from within the Centre for Nuclear Engineering (CNE) and a hand-picked selection of industrial experts, such as Dame Prof Sue Ion FRS. Our experts come from the Departments of Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Earth Science Engineering, alongside unique expertise from our Reactor Centre staff at the Silwood Park campus, who manage the CONSORT test reactor.

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