Student study

We will transform digital learning and teaching, using the latest technological innovations to deliver a world-class education.


We will invest in the new Digital Learning Hub, which will support staff and students in using technology to enhance education and provide expertise and support in learning analytics and research. This will include funding new resource-rich learning spaces for staff to explore different teaching techniques.

Visit the Digital Learning Hub webpages for more information about the Digital Learning Strategy.

Our vision is to develop and deploy cutting edge technology to transform the learning and teaching experience at Imperial College London.

There is still a place for the ‘traditional’ lecture, but we know we can make the classroom even more interactive and collaborative in future by working alongside our students to integrate the latest technology into their courses.

Technology can also improve personal interactions - interactive learning environments have often been found to encourage more positive approaches to diversity and inclusivity on campuses. Our cohort will become more diverse as we expand our community of learners across the world, primarily by providing a range of compelling online courses.

By creating a learning environment which has at its heart the latest evidence-based approach to teaching, combined with world-class digital teaching innovations, we can deliver a future for the College that is built around the student, and positions our staff as global leaders in learning and teaching in science, medicine, technology and entrepreneurship. 

Strategic approach 

The three key areas of focus in the Digital Learning Strategy are experience, innovation and extension.

  • Experience: enhancing the learning experience of our on-campus students
  • Innovation: developing thought-provoking and impactful technology to support interactive teaching and create a stronger sense of community among our students and staff
  • Extension: securing our place as a global leader in digital learning through the provision of online courses which are open, accessible, and contribute to solving the big challenges facing our world today and in the future