Academic excellence is at the heart of an Imperial education but this can bring many stresses and strains. Your gift to the Imperial Experience Fund helps us to provide extra services for our students that they may need to guide them through their time here.

The Imperial Experience Fund allows us to ensure our talented students enjoy the most enriching experience possible, both inside and outside of labs and lecture theatres. Our priority is to give all students the pastoral care they need to succeed at Imperial and beyond. And your support can help us to achieve that. 

Last year, alumni and friends who supported this fund helped to invest in student support networks to address issues like feeling overstressed or homesick as well as providing disability support services.

Together in 2017-18, 153 donors generously gave £32,508 to the Imperial Experience Fund. Thank you.

How you can help

This year a gift to the Imperial Experience Fund will help us to support two key areas at the College: mental health awareness and support and the Disability Advisory Service.

Imperial has a strong support system to ensure that neither mental nor physical disability becomes a barrier to any student reaching their full potential, and to make life at College easier for students with disabilities. If you have a disability, the College will provide the support you need, regardless of your fee status.

A gift could support these essential services including:

    • The Wellbeing Rep Network – a new initiative led by the Student Union to consider, understand and tackle mental health issues at the College.
    • There are over 100 mental health first aiders trained at the College to provide information and support.
    • The Disability Advisory Service provides confidential advice and support for all disabled students. They can access funding for support, signpost additional support within the College and provide advice and guidance. There are also dedicated Departmental Disability Officers who are the first point of contact within a department who can arrange and facilitate a student’s support within the department.Student

“University is demanding, and the transition from school is never easy. Workload, financial responsibility, socialising and moving out all threaten to snatch away the fun that university life is meant to offer. From the very first week however, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support Imperial had in place for us. The emphasis on seeking help on whatever issues we have has never faltered.” 

Qurratul A'yunie Qhaireel Anwar – Medicine, 2nd Year

Please make a gift today, and help us provide the support that every student needs to excel.