ROAR lab

Imperial’s Enterprise Division provides technology licensing services to industry, as well as managing investment opportunities in Imperial startup companies.

We connect industry to the outstanding technologies developed at Imperial College London.

We do this by licensing technologies to industry partners, and by managing investment opportunities into spin-out companies based on Imperial technologies.

Technology licensing

Ranked as the second most innovative university in Europe, and among the top ten in the world, Imperial College London is home to world-leading academic researchers. Technologies developed in their labs have been commercialised in fields as diverse as automotive, electronics, diagnostics, therapeutics, medtech and software.

With our experience managing the process of translating technology from the laboratory into commercial practice, we understand what is important to business. We have conducted hundreds of licence deals with businesses ranging from start-ups, through manufacturing SMEs, to major global companies.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in taking a licence on technology developed at Imperial College London.

You can view available technologies from the following link: Available technologies

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about technologies developed at Imperial, please use the general contact form

Investment in Imperial startups

Investment in Imperial startups is managed by the Commercialisation Office. If you are an investor and wish to know more about investment opportunities, please contact us.