For businesses

At Imperial, you can share a home with academic experts, access new ideas and talent, address your business challenges, and find new ways to innovate and grow.

Imperial for business

At Imperial College London, we have enterprise in our DNA. We were founded in 1907 with a mission to offer the most advanced education and research, collaborate with other organisations, and apply our work to industry.

Today, we offer opportunities to access the expertise of our academics, the talent of our students, our high-tech resources and spaces on our campuses. Together, we can achieve great things in a rapidly changing world.

I am looking to Imperial for....

Pioneering research

Research partnerships
Collaborative research bringing academic rigour to complex real-world challenges.

Opportunities to license the technology developed in our labs.

Academic insight

Consultancy and technical services
Testing and analysis, expert opinion, product design, expert witnesses, strategic development and capacity building from Imperial Consultants - for businesses large and small.

A membership network
Opportunities to exchange insights with our researchers through consulting services, workshops and dinners through Imperial Business Partners.

Executive education
New ideas and help in answering the questions and dilemmas that face your business.

Technology foresight
Inspiring visions of the future of science and technology, brought to you by Imperial Tech Foresight and backed up by the science happening in our labs.

Help to grow

Incubator space
A hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Imperial White City Incubator offers laboratory space and support for early-stage companies.

Office, laboratory and co-working space among a community of researchers and innovators, managed by Imperial ThinkSpace.

SME support programme
Access to our talent, ideas and facilities for growing tech businesses with Generate.

Opportunities to reach students, advertise vacancies and take part in events.