The crest, or coat of arms, is an important part of our graphic identity. It is reserved for uses that promote the heritage and history of the College, such as degree certificates, invitations to formal College events, official sports team apparel and merchandise reflecting our heritage and history (regalia).

It should not be used to identify the College today, for example on signage, publications, theses, websites, stationery or presentations.

All uses of the crest must be approved by the Communications and Public Affairs Division. Please email Style Guide for further information.

Why we don't use the crest more

For maximum effect, an organisation can only have one visual device, or logo, to identify it. The use of others means it takes longer to identify us and gives our competitors an advantage.

Examples of crested material


Today, the College crest is reserved for a limited selection of uses, including by Imperial's sports teams.


The crest is also used for prestigious print materials, such as the President's Award certificates...


...and on our Commemoration and Graduation Day materials.