Chris Braddock

Chris BraddockChris Braddock read Chemistry at St Peter's CollegeOxford and graduated with first class honours in 1992. He remained in Oxford to work with John Brown, FRS, for his doctorate which he obtained in January 1996. He was immediately appointed as a Fixed-Term Lecturer at Imperial College where he worked in Professor Tony Barrett's laboratories. In October 1998 he was appointed as a Lecturer in the newly created Synthesis section in the Department of Chemistry and initiated independent research. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005, to Reader in 2008, and to Professor of Organic Chemistry in September 2015.

He was the winner of the Specialised Organic Chemicals Sector Association (SOCSA) 2000 Innovation Prize, the Royal Society of Chemistry Green Chemistry Jerwood Salters' Environment Award 2000, the Institute of Applied Catalysis (iAc) Award 2001 and the Pfizer award for teaching excellence 2002. He was awarded a Faculty of Natural Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching 2012, FoNS, Imperial College London, 2012, a Rector's Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2012, Imperial College London, 2012 and the President's award for excellence in Pastoral Care 2014, Imperial College London, 2014. He was admitted to Fellow FRSC (Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry) in September 2014, and was the recipient of a Thieme Chemistry Journal award in 2015. 

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Karim Bahou


Karim graduated from the University College London with a first-class honours MSci degree, which included a final-year project under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Caddick and Dr. Vijay Chudasama working on hydroacylation chemistry. Upon the completion of his undergraduate degree, he conducted his PhD guided by Prof. Chris Braddock at Imperial College London working towards the synthesis of marine algae-derived brominated natural products, ultimately focussing in olefin metathesis, which included a year based at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) under the supervision of Dr Adam Meyer and Dr G. Paul Savage. Subsequently, Karim re-joined the Braddock group in a post doctoral research associate (PDRA) position to further investigate aspects of olefin metathesis.

  • "Kinetic Benchmarking Reveals the Competence of Prenyl Groups in Ring-Closing Metathesis" - DOI
  • "Relay Cross Metathesis for the Ascent of the Terpenoids" -ChemRxiv

PhD Students

Yusrah Al-Gharebawi

Yusrah Al-Gharebawi

After completing her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Imperial, Yusrah started her PhD in October 2016 (DTG funding) and has been investigating the synthesis of medium ring ethers of the red algae Laurencia species.  In her spare time she loves to go boxing and recently she won a postgraduate teaching award for demonstrating in undergraduate synthetic labs.

Albert Shi

Albert Shi

After graduating from University of Sheffield with a first-class honours BSc degree, Zhensheng (Albert) joined the group as a MRes student in 2015 to look at alternative approaches of generating bromonium ions. He subsequently started his PhD in 2016 to explore olefin metathesis chemistry as supported by the CSC-Imperial scholarship. In his spare time, He enjoys listening to classical music and playing piano.


  • "Relay Cross Metathesis for the Ascent of the Terpenoids" - ChemRxiv


Daniel O'Reilly

Daniel O'Reilly

Dan joined the group for his MSci project where he looked at some aspects of bromoallene chemistry. He stayed in the group to start his PhD in October 2017 (DTG funding), where he is exploring the use of adamantyl groupings to kinetically stabilise reactive intermediates. In his spare time, Dan is an avid reader. 

Shijia Zhu

Shijia Zhu

Shijia completed her BSc and MRes degrees at Imperial, after which she then stayed in the group for her PhD project starting in 2018. In this PhD project, she is currently exploring direct amidations of carboxylic acids. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and believes that “there is nothing you can’t solve with a good hotpot. If there is, then go have another.”

Tianyou He

Tianyou He

Tianyou graduated with a first-class honours BSc degree from the University of Liverpool after taken a four-year joint course between China and UK. He susbequently joined the Braddock group to work on the synthesis of polysiphenol derivatives and to test their biological activities as an MRes Chemical Biology student. In 2018 he remained in the group to pursue a PhD degree focusing on the iterative synthesis of terpenoids via metathesis. In his spare time, he enjoys staying in the parks with music (if weather permits) or reading books at home when it's raining.

Rabia Qamar

rabis 32019-

After graduating from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad with a first-class M.Phil. degree, Rabia joined the group to start her PhD as funded by Pakistani government scholarship. Currently, her research focus is to investigate catalytic direct amidations of carboxylic acids. In her spare time, she enjoys listening music and reading.


Josh Davies

Josh Davies

Josh re-joins the group in October 2019 on the Synthesis 4.0 CDT to start his PhD.  He has previously worked on Glycosyl Isonitrile and Nucleoside synthesis with the Barrett group during a summer research project. He has also undertaken a MSci project in the Braddock group investigating metathesis chemistry. In his spare time, Josh enjoys singing in the choir and quizzing with his local team, The Mint Imperials.

Sean McCarthy

Sean photo2019-
Sean graduated from the University of Kent with a first-class BSc honours degree in Chemistry, working on a final-year project with Dr. Stefano Biagini on ROMP derived fluorescent polymers. Following his undergraduate degree, he undertook a 1-year postgraduate MSc with Prof. Charles Marson at UCL, working on cationic cyclisations yielding sp3 based medicinal scaffolds. Sean joins the group in October 2019 on the synthesis 4.0 CDT jointly supervised with Dr James Wilton-Ely to start his PhD. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, cooking and going to gigs. 

Tania de Felice

Tania photo2019-

Tania recently completed her MChem degree at Loughborough University, where she developed a strong interest in the area of catalysis. She spent her final year conducting research on the development of a new catalyst for the cracking of methane to produce hydrogen, to be used as an energy source. She is now pursuing a PhD with the joint supervision of Dr Rob Davies which focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of the copper-catalyst system in the modified Ullman reaction. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing piano and trying out new restaurants! 

MRes Students

Masih Nilforoushan



Masih joined the group in Jan 2018 to conduct his one-term BSc project. After graduating with a 1st class degree, he rejoined the group as an MRes student to work on the synthesis of some related natural product precursors. He also has some interests in the computational and physical chemistry, and was co-supervised by Prof. Henry Rzepa for his MRes project. In his spare time, he enjoys getting lost in the mountains.

MSci Students

Diana Berheci


Diana joined the group in October 2019 for her MSci project to look at some olefin metathesis chemistry. In the past, she has been part of an Imperial undergraduate team taking part in an international student competition, with the aim of designing a biosensor capable of detecting vancomycin levels in blood. She also undertook an UROP in the Craig Group to look at synthetic pathways towards morphine. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, karaoke and good coffee.

Matthew Smith

Matt Smith2019-2020

Matt joined the group in October 2019 for his MSci project to look at some olefin metathesis chemistry.  He has previously undertaken a UROP under the supervision of Dr Kafizas into the synthesis of thin film layers of strontium oxide, titanium oxide and strontium titanate by chemical vapour deposition. In his spare time he enjoys exercising, watching football and travelling.

BSc Students

Ben Bryant

Ben B photo2019

Ben joined the group in October 2019 for his BSc project.  Ben has previously undertaken a BioChemistry internship at Bath University where he helped research water purification methods using various strains of yeast. In his spare time he enjoys playing football, reading and socialising.