Professor Mauricio Barahona

Graphs and dynamics. Community detection. Theory of synchronization. Algorithms for nonlinear signal analysis. Multiscale dynamics and model reduction of bio-systems. Mathematical and computational biology. Machine learning and precision healthcare. Dimensionality reduction and omics data.

Dr Thibault Bertrand

Dr Nick Jones

Networks and Fluctuations - Complex Systems and Systems Biology: Network (graph) analysis, the principles of networks and combinatorics; Transport and development in biological networks; Statistical signal processing; Mitochondrial dynamics; Stochasticity and stem cells; Data science.

Dr Eric Keaveny

Microorganism locomotion and cellular mechanics; Suspensions of interacting and active particles; Mechanics of soft materials and complex fluids; Low Reynolds number hydrodynamics; Numerical methods and computational mathematics.

Dr Vahid Shahrezaei

Computational Molecular Systems Biology, Design principles that enable cells to function robustly, in spite of significant inherent stochasticity and environmental noise. To this end, a combination of analytical and computational methods is used to investigate the temporal, spatial and stochastic dynamics of biochemical networks.

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Research Fellows

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Dr Diego Oyarzún
Imperial College Junior Research Fellow

Biomolecular control systems; metabolic dynamics; gene regulatory networks; feedback control theory for Systems and Synthetic Biology; design of synthetic gene circuits.

Dr Philipp Thomas
Fellow of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

Stochastic processes in cellular biology; stochastic reaction networks; Markov chains and master equations.  
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Samuel Johnson Marie Curie Fellow
Iain G Johnston MRC Fellow
Mariano Beguerisse-Diaz James S. McDonnell Foundation Fellow
Thomas Ouldridge Imperial College Junior Research Fellow
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