VPAGE Dates 2019/20

All meetings take place from 10:00-11.00 in the Faculty Boardroom, 4th Floor Faculty Building unless where stated

Thursday 12 September 13:00-14:00 in Room 4.03, Faculty Building

Thursday 31 October

Thursday 21 November 

Thursday 19 December 13:00-14:00 in Room 3.19, Faculty Building 

Thursday 16 January

Thursday 20 February

Thursday 19 March

Thursday 23 April

Thursday 21 May

Thursday 18 June

Thursday 23 July

For information on agenda, or papers or to send apologies, please contact the Secretary - Executive PA to the Vice-Provost (Education) Emily Govan, 020 7594 8807.

All papers to be submitted by the Wednesday of the week prior to the meeting


Professor Simone Buitendijk Vice-Provost (Education), Chair

Professor Alan Spivey Assistant Provost, Learning & Teaching

Professor Emma McCoy Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professor Omar Matar Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering

Dr Edgar Meyer Vice-Dean (Education), Business School

Mr Martin Lupton Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine

Emma Caseley Head of Strategic Projects


Terms of Reference

The Vice-Provost’s Advisory Group for Education provides advice to the Vice-Provost on all matters relating to education and the student experience.

Quality Assurance Committees

Quality assurance is an essential part of maintaining good practice across the College, as well as being a basic requirement of HEFCE and Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) guidelines. The College has developed quality assurance and enhancement policies and procedures to support the achievement of its educational strategic intents.

The Vice-Provost (Education) is a member of Senate and chairs the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC), which oversees the development and implementation of the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, ensuring alignment with College Strategy.

The Academic Registrar chairs the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC) which develops and advises the Senate on the implementation of College policies and procedures relating to quality assurance, enhancement and internal audit of quality. 

The Director of the Graduate School chairs the Postgraduate Research Quality Committee (PRQC) which advises the Senate on all matters relating to the development of postgraduate education and research as regards PhD, MPhil, EngD and MD(Res) degrees, including any impact on MRes degrees, including joint and collaborative programmes.

The Programmes Committee is a sub-committee of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC).  It considers proposals for new and major modifications to undergraduate and Master’s level taught programmes of study.  The Committee is also responsible for making recommendations to QAEC for changes to the College’s academic and examination regulations related to taught programmes.

More information about the committee structure can be found on the College's Academic Governance webpages.